The company EKFRASIS CONSULTING was founded in 2006, as a response to the intercultural communication needs, ever more conspicuously present on the Romanian market. This company’s strategic focus, since its very founding, as a full translation service provider, was also the creation and maintenance of multicultural partnerships, by offering integrated solutions and high quality services.

EKFRASIS CONSULTING is a Greek capital company, whose activity from founding until the present has consisted in the provision of translation and interpreting services, with significant experience in the sector and important clients from the banking, production, real estate, retail, medical, construction, consultancy and legal sectors.

EKFRASIS CONSULTING fully understand its clients’ unique, personalized and highly difficult requirements, having acquired such skill throughout the many years of experience gathered by working with many clients from various fields. This work methodology has been developed through the valorization of fast, accurate and high quality translation and interpreting, these items’ importance being deemed crucial in developing clients’ businesses and overcoming language barriers.

The company’s vision consists in setting higher standards, flexibility and responsibility for customer satisfaction, this vision being part of its strategy of development and adaptation to a competitive business environment.



With its professional translator team, EKFRASIS CONSULTING offers highest quality services in specialized fields, such as: technical, financial, legal, medical, media, also providing translated document legalization and/ or apostille, upon request.

Considering the rapid language service demand growth, EKFRASIS CONSULTING constantly develops and adapts its translation service offer, in order to meet clients’ demand with integrated packages in terms of both quantity and quality.


Due to the increasing interaction with the international market, interpreting services become ever more important in destroying language barriers. The EKFRASIS CONSULTING interpreters ensure professional and easy communication between partners during business meetings, negotiations, conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc., both in the public, and the private sector, being selected based on their language skills, fluency and specific experience in the field.

The interpreter’s role is that of ensuring multilingual interaction, precisely in order to create both the premises and the content of seamless communication.

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Ekfrasis Consulting meets its clients’ needs by providing specialized and professional interpreters.

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